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Pegasus shares are traded on Borsa Istanbul with the symbol PGSUS. PGSUS shares trade at; BIST 30 / BIST TRANSPORTATION / BIST 100 / BIST CORPORATE GOVERNANCE / BIST 50 / BIST ALL SHARES / BIST SERVICES / BIST ISTANBUL / BIST STARS

Pegasus Hava Tasimaciligi A.S, which was founded as a joint venture company in 1990 by Aer Lingus Group, Silkar Yatırım ve Insaat Organizasyonu A.S. and Net Holding A.S., entered into commercial operation with two airplanes. After being acquired in 2005 by Esas Holding A.S. owned by Sevket Sabanci and his family, Pegasus started scheduled domestic flights in November of the same year and became the 4th top among the scheduled airlines operating in Turkey.

Since 26th of April 2013, Pegasus shares are trading at Borsa Istanbul.

Shareholders StructureAmount (Shares)Shares (%)
Esas Holding A.Ş.
("Esas Holding")
Publicly Traded35.294.00034,51
Emine Kamışlı874.8100,86
Ali İsmail Sabancı874.8100,86
Kazım Köseoğlu437.4050,43
Can Köseoğlu437.4050,43

The proposal for distribution of profit by our Board of Directors will be prepared in consideration of the above needs and will be submitted to the attention of our shareholders for discussion at the General Assembly. The Board of Directors must inform our shareholders at the General Assembly on how the profit will be used in the event there is no dividend distribution.

Shareholders Structure Amount (shares) % Share Esas Holding A.Ş. 64.353.570 62,92 Emine Kamışlı 874.810 0,86 Ali İsmail Sabancı 874.810 0,86 Kazım Köseoğlu 437.405 0,43 Can Köseoğlu 437.405 0,43 PUBLICLY TRADED 35.294.000 34,51 Total 102.272.000 100.

Stakeholders and shareholder may contact Pegasus Investor Relations via phone +90 216 560 75 80 or email .

Pegasus is a leading low-cost airline in Turkey, which provides reasonably-priced transportation opportunities on point-to-point basis in short and medium range flight lines and aims to set up a wide flight network with high flight frequency for guests to and from Turkey. For the purpose and scope of the Company stated in the Articles of Association please see the ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION

Pegasus announces its financial statements 4 times a year as of 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th months. Periodic financial statements including the financial results can be found on the company website under the heading of “Financial Statements ".

Financial and Operating reports can be found on the company website under the heading of "Operatinal Information and Investor Package” or can be accesable though Public Diclosure Platform..